I have just been sent a story about research proving that older people are more decisive, know what they want in a relationship and aren’t afraid to shut down a duff date, research reveals.

Apparently as people enter later life they are more able to tell if they fancy someone from the moment they see them. Singletons in their sixties are also more likely to end a date within minutes of it starting if they don’t immediately fancy the person they are seeing.

The new study of people aged 45 and over shows having someone you can talk to becomes more important with age, as does sharing similar backgrounds and being in similar financial positions.

Researchers found that love at first sight happens more often the older you get. Really? Do you not think it’s because they have become a lot less picky and basically fancy everyone with a heartbeat?

According to the research, one in four people over the age of 65 can very confidently say within seconds whether they are attracted to a new date, compared to just 19 per cent of 45 year olds. Well, surely that’s to do with the fact that they haven’t got much time left to waste?

Singletons in their sixties are also more likely to end a date within minutes of it starting if they don’t immediately fancy the person they are seeing. Ditto, no time left to waste!

Andrew Sheen, editor of online retirement community retiresavvy.co.uk, said: “It’s a myth that life ends when you reach your later years.

“Whether it’s meeting new people clubbing or through online dating, there’s an image of the over 55’s that’s at least a decade out of date.

“Far from being past it and happy to settle, the over 55’s are among the most confident when it comes to dating and romance.

“Our survey finds the over 55s know what they want from a relationship and they’re not afraid to take the lead to get it.

“While in most cases it’s a companion to share interests and the second half of their with, there are still many vivacious people in their fifties and sixties who are interested in continuing their sex lives.”

The study shows that as people get older they understand exactly what they want in life – 77 per cent of people aged 65 and over have a clear life plan compared to just 55 per cent of people in their forties. Again, surely that’s because there’s not much of a life plan left so you have to hurry up!

For more than half of people polled, a successful date is one where they are made to laugh all evening.

And six in 10 say a date is more likely to be a triumph if their suitor isn’t too pushy or presumptuous.

A third of people want to be instantly attracted to the person they’re spending the evening with, while 50 per cent would like them to be courteous and chivalrous.

Despite being unlucky in love so far, 22 per cent of people still hold out hope of meeting a long term love interest, while 44 per cent would be content with finding someone to have fun with.

When it comes to getting into a new relationship, 44 per cent of people are confident they know exactly what they want – having someone to talk to tops the list.

And by this point in their lives, people are more interested in finding someone to have fun with and share similar interests with than having any sexual chemistry.

Despite this, just under half of 55-64 year-olds and a third of those aged 65 and over said sexual chemistry WAS the most important thing to them when it came to a relationship.

The most popular dating methods for people aged 45 and over are dating friends of friends (40 per cent), online dating (27 per cent) and blind dates (15 per cent).

But while 38 per cent deem dating friends of friends as the best way to meet new people, only one per cent have gained anything from having a social engagement with a complete stranger. Does that apply to online dating as well as clearly they too are complete strangers?

Andrew Sheen from retiresavvy.co.uk continues: “At retiresavvy, we want to help challenge stereotypes around ageing and later life. Our users have told us that they’re fed up with the traditional view of what older people are expected to be.”


1. The conversation is free flowing and easy

2. Your date appears very relaxed

3. Your date isn’t too pushy or presumptuous

4. You are made to laugh quickly

5. You date is courteous and chivalrous

6. You can imagine having lots of fun with them

7. You immediately feel sexually attracted to them

8. They have the potential to be a long term love interest

9. They don’t bring up any ex-partners

10. You discover you share similar interests

  1. Hi LuLu, I have to say that being 50 this year, one year out of a relationship, and 5.5 years post divorce, I’m discouraged. Ive not had ONE single offer of a date and the only single man of my age I know is my ex-husband!! I joined the neighborhood Yoga studio and it’s full of single women over 45 and divorced. Some say they haven’t had a date for years.

    I haven’t tried online dating, and swore I wouldn’t, but I think I may have to go that route. My friends all say they have no one they can introduce me to. The men I meet through work are either married or too young if they are single. I had hoped to me someone at a party but I usually end up being the only single women or one of a few and with no single men in attendance!!

    • Family Affairs on

      Join the club! How many women do I know that don’t seem to know even one single male – it’s really odd….guess males our age are looking for 30 year olds. Maybe don’t go to the yoga studio – join the golf or fishing club in the area (if you can bear it) x

  2. I was 44 when I met my husband and he was 40, he proposed within a week and I wasn’t that fussed about getting married again, he had never been married. We did get married 2 years later because it really mattered to him, we absolutely knew we were going to be together and 6 years on we are still disgustingly, blissfully happy. There are gorgeous, lovely, willing to commit men out there. I met him through a running club, get your trainers out…

  3. Tina Belton Pittman on

    I would love to date and possibly marry someone…. I am 51 yet most men are looking for younger women…. I am very youthful in look and body yet it is still very hard to meet someone especially since I am a minister…. we need love too yet I am still waiting patiently…

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