Please join #MarchforGiants to protect elephants from poaching.

Please help support the global campaign #MarchforGiants to help to secure a future for elephants. In a world first for conservation campaigners, Space for Giants has launched a global campaign to ask supporters to build a ‘herd’ of digital elephants who will march across the globe to help secure the future for the world’s largest mammal. mobilises both companies and individuals to create the first virtual ‘herd’ of elephants. Next week, from 23-26 March, this ‘herd’ will march across massive digital advertising screens in some of the world’s busiest places, including Times Square in New York, and in London, Hong Kong, Birmingham and Manchester. Watch this film to learn more.

If you’re a supporter in the UK, you may have read about the #MarchforGiants campaign in the Evening Standard newspaper. There will be further press coverage across print, online and broadcast in the build up to the campaign going live on 23 March.

It’s an incredible campaign and we can all get involved. Do watch this video to see how:-

You can help protect elephants for just £5 or $6 USD. That’s where you come in. Visit and follow the individual donation route, or if you’re in the UK simply text ‘GIANT’ plus your first name to 70025 to donate £5 and generate your own elephant.

You’ll receive a photo of your unique elephant to send to friends and family, or to share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the message along with the hashtag #MarchforGiants and

Then all you have to do is get ready for 23 March, when you’ll receive photos of your elephant as it marches across the giant billboards around the world!

Companies who get involved will use their size to even greater effect, paying for a corporate sponsorship that protects an elephant in the wild for its whole life. Contact your favourite brands via social media and tell them they should join the #MarchforGiants. If you know friends or family working for these firms, tell them too. The more elephants in the virtual herd, the more we can protect on the ground in Africa.

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    Can I donate on the computer.

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