Well, we have an interesting 48 hours on our hands. I feel sorry for Teresa May and suspect that Tuesday is most certainly going to be MAYDAY!! for her. At least she hasn’t jumped ship like most of them would by now under extremely difficult circumstances and I’m sure she expects the worst as MP’s threaten to sack her if her Brexit deal is rejected (which it clearly will be). Will she postpone the vote? resign? Call a second referendum? Can she even survive as Prime Minister? I actually don’t understand all her options, having given up trying to follow the detail. It’s just all too complicated. But my guess is that the outcome on Tuesday is that we all get a second chance to vote.

I wonder how many people who voted in the first referendum have actually changed their minds now. In my tiny survey, it seems people have simply become more entrenched in their views. I am interested in the percentage of 18 and 19 year olds who will have the opportunity to get out and vote this time but were too young to vote two years ago. I also think that there will be many more young who come out to vote this time who didn’t bother last time but have since become a little more aware of the situation. Additionally on the other end of the spectrum, how many of the old people who voted won’t be able to this time, for various reasons.

Either way, I suspect there will be mayhem on Tuesday at whatever is decided. I am not entirely sure why there seems to be such hysteria about a People’s Vote – everyone who voted Leave think the decision will remain the same, so why are they so against giving it a go. That said, none of this is simple, people just want to “get on with it,” look at all the money, time, effort and frankly unhealthy obsession with what is going on, it’s no wonder that the mood is highly charged and people are getting angry.

Thanks David.


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