YOU GO GIRLS….sometimes the power of a simple hashtag speaks volumes, when individual voices cannot be heard. #METOO is the latest rush of support for every woman who has ever experienced a sexually predatory man and they are using it as their status to show the magnitude of the problem. I can guarantee that Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg. For him to have got away with it for so long means that it is endemic, not only within the gilded cage that is Hollywood, but in the music industry, the fashion industry, the food industry, the porn industry, the legal industry, medicine and more. That is not even including women who don’t live in the West, trying to get on in life without being exploited for their sex.

Of course, back in the day, we all suffered at the roving hands of our bosses. Those little massages they gave your shoulders when you were trying to work at your desk, the illicit invites, the unwelcome advances that luckily for me I managed to avoid. Others were not so lucky and invariably, after succumbing, lost their jobs. When I was 20 and learning to drive, my driving instructor suggested that instead of paying for my lessons, I should let him rub me in baby oil and take photos of me instead. This was when I was trying to negotiate my first roundabout. It might as well have been a rollercoaster. I was stuck in the car and felt helpless. Needless to say, I escaped unscathed, managed the lesson, got out and promptly changed to another firm of drivers.

I am very proud of all the women standing up to Harvey Weinstein right now, but it shouldn’t have had to be such a wall of silence for so long. Harvey, whilst he is in addiction counselling will be struggling to understand his position. After all those years, and with no one stopping him I am quite sure he believed that his actions were perfectly acceptable and that a little bit of force “was what women wanted”. FFS. Woody Allen is another one who hopefully will be brought down by this tsunami of outrage. Silence is no longer an option. What Woody Allen’s son has done is look at the bigger picture and start at the top. It’s a clever move. They will fall like a pack of cards. Careers and reputations finally in tatters.

The world is changing and women are getting more powerful and able to speak their minds. There is a long way to go, but it’s finally heading in the right direction.

Thank goodness for that. No woman, or man, should feel threatened or violated. Ever. That is never going to happen, but if we are all given one collective voice to speak out, those nasty little rats will hopefully run away to darkened corners and stay there. This is no joke and James Corden picked the wrong moment to make it so.


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