We are back from our mother/daughter long weekend in New York. What a great idea for a travel piece. Even the US Vogue office thought so (regarding assistance for covering Fashion Night Out):- “the postings you are proposing sound unique particularly in providing a mother/daughter perspective” I would be happy to help and will contact the FNO NY coordinators on your behalf.”

The fashion industry are already on to this mother/daughter combo:-

…and for the most part it couldn’t have been easier – we have always made a pretty good team and have similar girly interests. Obviously at times, I found it deeply traumatic to be anywhere near her. Wandering down Fifth Avenue involved me becoming virtually her minder as men gawped at her open mouthed and said things like “nice legs”, “are you a model?” and “can I have your autograph?” and I would glare back at them menacingly which made no difference because they didn’t even see me. I left her for literally two minutes in Abercrombie and Fitch and she was invited out by one of the hot staff members. Good grief. Apparently he looked remarkably similar to this model worker outside Hollister so she was pretty delighted:-

OR even more annoyingly she kept getting stopped by photographers – “OH do you mind if I take a picture of you for my fashion blog??” and I was thinking “WHAT ABOUT ME?” WE’RE A MOTHER/DAUGHTER COMBO REMEMBER!” But I wasn’t wearing this outfit – which is why they didn’t ask me to be in the photo:-

THEN of course I completely cheered up on several occasions (once in the Empire State Building and once at the airport) when men said “oh are you two sisters?” and I’d get all silly and delighted and tell them I loved them and that they’d just made my day and my daughter would roll her eyes and say that they’ve just ruined hers and how could I fall for that shit anyway.

Given everything that was going on this weekend in New York, it was both hectic and emotional. A rollercoaster of highs and lows – we wildly fluctuated between focusing on the events and emotions surrounding the tragic aftermath of 9/11 and on the heady frivolity of “Fashion Night Out”.

We have spent the last four days literally stuck to each other – sharing the same bed and apart from the odd cross word here and there (like when she ate all the peanut M & M’s without sharing) we got on brilliantly. Our hotel room was tiny, the bed a Queen sized one and yet we coped admirably – it was like sleeping next to a hamster – she simply snuggles into the duvet, falls asleep and doesn’t move or make a sound all night long. Whereas she finds me quite annoying. Making strange noises when I rub my feet together (I know) and tossing and turning. “I kept wondering what that strange noise was until I realised it was you doing your weird comfort thing with your feet again….”. We are lucky to get on so well – she is incredibly easy to be with – enthusiastic and positive about most things, happy to have a go, to ask questions and to find her way. She took over the jobs I hate – navigation in general is not my forte. She made it hers. She tried everything out – learnt in a few days how to walk into the middle of a busy road and hail a yellow cab like a true local.

I’ve got lots of photos to show you – will do it in stages. Fashion first. When I’ve got a minute. Then food. Then the sightseeing. Then the serious stuff.

  1. Tell your daughter that it turns out that rubbing feet comfort thing is genetic. My mother does it and I recently realized that I do it too! And it still grosses me out!

  2. OMG, so does J.! It’s been a joke with us for ages. I call him “cricket”.

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