We couldn’t have been there for a better weekend for fashion which was perfect for my daughter as she is considering fashion as an option for her future. We arrived just in time to join in all the events going on for the now three year old Fashion Night Out – the brain child of Anna Wintour. I’ve written about the event itself already – but thanks to the lovely people at Vogue we managed to get to the best events and I’m just going to do a little bit more showing off about who we met in case you missed it the first time. We strolled around the lively streets, got up close and personal with Grace Coddington in Prada:-

Me and Grace:-

Daughter and Grace:-

Met lots of new people and ate and drank and danced about. How simply perfect when fashion meets food – just look at the cupcakes we got from this mobile cupcake van:-

we then spent the next few days observing and recording….

What We Saw:-

New York seems to be just as eclectic when it comes to fashion as London – a real mixture of styles. We couldn’t really pinpoint many key features – apart from the obligatory take-away coffee (mostly a frappe as the weather was fantastically hot) that all the women carried about.

The teenage girls were all wearing shorts. These are my daughter’s favourite one’s at the moment and she got stopped several times whilst wearing them:-

As I mentioned Wellington Boots seem to be a feature of the streets (maybe due to the recent flooding). As did top knots, red shoes and dogs as accessories. Dogs came in all sorts of sizes, but the most popular dogs appeared to be those small enough to fit into Louis Vuitton bags. I saw one dog wearing shoes and another strapped into a baby papoose – literally like this one but at the front. Unbelievable:-

We saw some spectacularly interesting outfits:-

Tartan man in Grand Central Station (although loving those pink shoes too):-

Green net woman in Saks:-

Cool fashion in the street:-

There were loads of models about and fashion shows to go to for NY fashion week. Here is the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whitely – love where that man’s eyes are directed:-

What we did:-

Daughter very into neon nail varnish bought from Urban Outfitters:-

Showing off her nails:-

She liked these lips:-

We spent a lot of time on Fifth Avenue looking in all the divine shops. Saks near Central Park – with their memorial display in the window:-

My daughter loves Juicy Couture and Urban Outfitters so we had to spend an alarmingly long time in those shops. Ditto Forever 21 (which has just launched in the UK). Even I quite liked some of the stuff in there because it’s SO cheap. She chose a pair of leather shorts and then asked me if I could buy some for her friend back in London – so there I was, mother and daughter at the counter buying two pairs of leather shorts – the assistant thought they were for me and her. How embarrassing.

We also spent a lot of time in Soho where the shops are more boutiquey and the vibe is much more cool and edgy. She found a lot of cheap indie shops which made me miserable and I found Dean and Deluca, the fabulous purveyors of fine wine, food and kitchen ware which made me happy (because I bought tea towels):-

Sorry – childish sense of humour:-

There we found a huge Victoria’s Secret where my daughter was literally fizzing with excitement. “OMG I’m in heaven” she kept saying, picking up one beautiful bra after another. Texts kept flying in from friends requesting various items. We converged in the changing room and as we were a mother/daughter combo they allowed us to share. BIG MISTAKE on my part. Firstly it felt like I was in a pink padded cell. There was a dimmer switch which I kept trying to dim as the situation got more and more bleak. So there I was trying on bras and pants with my daughter – not only were my bras smaller and my pants bigger than hers but nothing looked the same on me as it did on her obviously and I got more and more grumpy as she got more and more happy. Droopy bits. Cellulite. Bruises. Old skin. No cleavage. Juxtaposed with her. Big, big mistake. “Mum”, she said, laying out all her choices on the floor “I could literally cry with happiness – have you ever seen anything so beautiful?”. At this stage all I wanted to do was jump on them all and then her in a Rumplestiltskinesque rage – but my bras were SO padded I probably would have bounced off them and banged my head on the ceiling.

I like this shop, but it was no cheaper than in London:-

Even with the make-up we differed. She loves Mac make-up and we found a lovely girl to give her lessons in how to put on lipstick:-

Frankly she could have smeared it all over her face and still looked gorgeous. I of course tried to look just the same as her by being Laura Merciered…..sadly, nothing miraculous happened at all. But it was fun though.

We loved Bloomingdales (the equivalent of a Harvey Nichols) and Macy’s (probably more like Debenhams) but sadly missed the fabulous Anthropology shop everyone told us to go to. We went to all the obvious US shops that are cheaper there than in London like Abercrombie & Fitch (although my daughter thinks this should be avoided now because it’s full of tourists and nobody she knows buys anything from there anymore) and Hollister and I bought a pair of J Brand jeans.

Thats about it. Just fabulous. Couldn’t recommend it more highly. Everyone assisting us in the shops were lovely and cheerful. The biggest danger is trying not to spend too much. The exchange rate was $1.5 to the £ so not like it was last time I went when we got $2 to the £.


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