Here is the photo of Jennifer Anniston that my daughter showed me yesterday in her latest magazine. “Look mum, doesn’t she look AMMMAAAAZING – she’s your age you know – that’s quite embarrassing isn’t it”.

“Don’t be ridiculous, of course she isn’t my age, she’s 10 years younger, but Why is it embarrassing?”.

“No, she is mum, trust me, Well, um, you know, she looks ammaaazing and you look, well, um, it’s mostly embarrassing for her that she doesn’t look like you obviously but you’d never go out wearing something like that would you and you should – you’d look really good in that”.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I’d probably get arrested or die of hypothermia. Don’t forget she hasn’t had her children yet – that will make a difference.”

“Why should it make a difference whether she has kids or not? Also mum, why don’t you buy these shoes? If I was your height I’d definitely be wearing REEEALLY high heels” (killer black studded shoes with metal spiked heels you’d never be allowed on an aeroplane).

And so on……it really is extraordinary how rubbish gorgeous immensely tall 15 year old daughter’s can make you feel without meaning to and I know her well enough to know that any encouragement to actually buy items of clothing or accessories that I would frankly look awful in are so that she can borrow them. Devious. Beyond.

OOORRR…..maybe she’s right and I should try and find a copy of that dress to wear to all the Christmas parties…..what do you think? Are we too old these days to get away with that sort of outfit? The boobs wouldn’t look quite the same, let alone the legs, the stomach, the bottom…..

I can just picture my daughter’s reaction if I tried to go out looking like that.

“Mum, I’m not really sure about that – why don’t I try it on instead?”

  1. divasupermum antoinette on

    i agree with you, if you wore that dress, your kids would be find you embarrassing,as a parent you have both look good and dress your age, stars have to dress for their public, they often get it wrong too.

  2. Well firstly, you have a fab figure (I refer you back to the tights test, I mean, come on!!) and secondly I think you’d look divine in that dress.

    The only thing is – I’m just not sure those really open cleavage things are flattering to anyone – Jennifer or not. I reckon they make your boobs look a bit droopy – did you see Gwyneth in hers? Not flattering.

  3. It’s too bad that really young girls who are the targets of these magazines don’t realize how much work and money goes into Jennifer Aniston looking like that. It is literally her full-time job to keep her looks, because it’s her livelihood and her reputation. There is a whole industry dedicated to helping her do that.

  4. having seen only a few pictures of you, i’m tellin’ ya, you bloody well COULD wear that and look fantastic! your daughter is right. Go. For. It. (black sequins maybe? or silver, actually) xxx j

  5. Hmmm, maybe it’s my iPhone screen but not sure that’s Jen’s best look. Would look much better on you ( or your daughter. Or my daughter. Anyone except me) x

  6. margot sladebaker on

    Oh Lord, it’s not easy leaving a comment here… anyway, I don’t think JA looks that wonderful in that either – the boobs are definitely droopy.. And why would you want to put yourself out there because a teenager thinks it’s a good idea?? BTW, how is Builder Bloke? Have missed hearing your news.. M xx

  7. Call that a dress? I’d call it badly-fitting kitchen foil.

  8. Family Affairs on

    Ok just testing. May have a prob leaving comments. Not simply writing to myself x

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