There are constantly new dating rules in the world of online dating and it is now such a competitive space that singles are even paying experts to advise them and flirt for them. Not sure this is the way forward for me, because, whilst I’m not ruling it out, a new relationship at this age and stage would take an enormous amount of emotional energy and at the moment my kids can get the best of me without any distractions. It’s a good time for me to be single and channel my energies into other things, but I thought I’d share the information I received from James Preece, The Dating Guru, a dating coach & relationship expert, a keynote speaker and an author that I met at an event. If you don’t have the time or desire or you’ve lost the will to live by spending hours swiping left and right or going through thousands of online profiles then maybe it’s time to outsource this part of your life and get some focused help. There is an argument to say that if you picked the wrong person the first time around, you might well do the same again and an expert can help you with this process.

1. What is the most popular dating app/website at the moment in general?

Bumble seems to be proving really popular the moment. This gives women the control they are lacking from similar apps, so it allows them to make the first move rather than being inundated with unsuitable matches. Singles also like the photo verification service which ensures people really are who they say they are.

2. Which ones are key for the younger generations?

Younger people don’t want to spend much money on dating, so they focus on free services such as Tinder and Plenty Of Fish. The problem with this is that the success rates aren’t very high as many people only use them for casual hookups. There’s no need to put in too much effort as there are always so many options.

3. What are the 30 – 45 year olds using the most?

This is the age when singles are looking for serious relationships. So they’ll start using paid for sites like and Elite Singles. They aren’t particularly expensive, but can prove to be a wise investment. They are more profile based than dating apps so there’s more of a chance to sell your personality.

4. Which ones are most popular for the over 50’s?

Eharmony is definitely the most popular in this age group. Many of the members in this age group are second time around
daters, looking to meet like minded individuals. There’s also who have a wide range of educated singles.

5. Where do you see it all going in the long term?

With more and more apps and sites springing up each week, the dating market is getting over saturated. Singles are frustrated with their experiences and looking for alternatives. They are willing to pay for something that works, so matchmakers, dating coaches and dating agencies are doing really well. This will increase over time, with singles outsourcing their dating lives to professionals.

6. What is the funniest dating story that you’ve heard?

I recently worked with a female dating coaching client who only wanted to date Sagittarians. She was quite happy to rule out 11/12ths of the population based purely on their star sign. She was wondering why she wasn’t getting many suitable matches. Luckily, after a little bit of persuasion she decided to expand her options….at least to a few more star signs.


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