Sigh. Not another bloody election. Do the government not realise how world weary we are all getting having to listen to bloody Brexit talk and now snap election talk all day every day? Can’t we just get back to getting on with worrying about everything else?

It’s exhausting and I’m quite sure there are many of us who are bored with looking at the inside of a polling station. We are all going to have to keep our wits about us and work out the best way to get involved with tactical voting – it’s the only way.

HOWEVER, the one good thing about it is my dream of remaining in the EU has returned and in this, the following to occur.

Nick Clegg steps up for the Lib Dems who want a second referendum
We all decide we don’t want any more worry about leaving Europe as it is clearly in the too hard basket and anyway no one realised the full implications, so lots of people either change their mind or actually bother to vote in the first place and they pick up far more seats.
We go back to how it was when they shared the space
We get to have a second referendum (yes OK, sorry it’s another vote, but still…)
The majority vote to REMAIN
We all go back to worrying about other things and are all happy to stay as part of EU.

Job done.

What do you think? Is that possible?

  1. Unlikely tbh..think that is all a bit fanciful…but, if all the people that voted to remain in the EU, now vote Liberal Democrat – it would give them a whole slew of new seats and would seriously upset the Brexit apple cart (and the Tories!) – maybe even to the extent that there will have to be a major re-think. For the first time in my life I am becoming a fully paid up member of a Political Party…..We need to shake the system up!….I would laugh so much if the Tories were thrown out, but I fear that ‘those that don’t think’ will vote for them anyway. Sadly.

    anything which gives us a chance to revisit the referendum now that we are more accurately informed would be great….

    • Family Affairs on

      Exactly – that is the point – we are all now more accurately informed so surely entirely acceptable to review the whole situation? Even if we have revoked article 50 bet there are ways around that.

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