GOOD LUCK SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH at the Paris Climate Change Summit!! You most certainly have one of your biggest challenges ahead of you with your “Global Apollo Project”

He is in Paris for the first day of the United Nations climate change summit COP21 (30th November – 11th December) and is going to challenge scientists to come up with ways of making affordable energy from renewable resources from the sun within the next decade. He warned, “We are in for disaster if we don’t.” If we do this he believes, the world’s problems with climate will disappear because the coal and oil will remain in the earth where it can do no harm.” He has said that the evidence is very clear – sea levels are rising, deserts are spreading and that there is no question that the world is warming due to the global rise in temperature.

“Never in the history of humanity has everyone in the world got together to discuss a global problem collectively” – he is not confident, “but at least there is a chance some good will come of it”. “If we could find a way of capturing, storing and distributing energy from renewable resources, we could undercut the cost of digging for coal and oil and because we could make it cheaper that source of pollution would disappear within decades,” he said.

China and the USA – the world’s biggest producers of carbon dioxide emissions both are coming to the table with plans. They have to. China’s cities are a serious problem in terms of the air that they breathe owing to all the coal they burn.

Even the fact that the summit is being hosted in Paris makes it all the more relevant after what has recently happened there. This is a way to bring the world back together to do some good for our planet and all eyes will be on Paris.

I’m also interested to see how the bold plan to protect the world’s trees is going to go down. REDD+ was proposed 10 years ago and the UK is a major supporter. Long-term funding needs to be agreed so that large corporations can start getting paid of their “carbon offsets”.


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