According to hospital figures, there has been a significant increase in attacks against people over 50, particularly women, putting a stop to the 7 year decline in serious violent crime in England and Wales. Attacks on women over 50 has risen by 20%, but researchers “have little idea why the number of violent attacks on older women is increasing”.

Well, I have a suggestion as to why this is happening…more women of that age are getting divorced and finding themselves newly single and going out in larger groups – often with other women, drinking too much and then not getting themselves home safely. Not that I actually know any women who behave like this I hasten to add….but perhaps women of my age don’t have the same safety mentality that the young groups of women, (like my daughter) who always make sure that they stick together and keep each other safe. I suspect that as older women become more independent, they are assuming they are not a target of crime and are safe to stagger home on their own..and they’re not.

It’s an issue that we need to address. There is a slow, but steady change in the attitude of the older, single woman, which means that whilst we feel more independent, we still need to take greater responsibility for our safety whilst out and about. Mainly by ensuring that when out we stick with friends or make sure we get taxis home. Perhaps we should all arm ourselves with pocket alarms and certainly try not to get too vulnerably drunk.

I am guilty of walking home after a night out on my own. I generally feel quite safe, but I’d hate my children to be doing the same thing, so it’s something we all need to reconsider.


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