I assume schools are including a section about internet safety day in their assemblies today and overall children are becoming a lot more savvy about how to use the internet and what not to post, but there are still masses of concerns and issues and as a parent we are not really skilled to deal with some of the things they must come across. How, for example would we cope with managing the consequences of a photo our child has posted to someone privately that has been exposed? Not only do we have to cope with the fact that this wasn’t an option in our day, but how to manage the fallout.

In addition, perhaps there should be advise for people my age out and about on the internet. Dating et al. I can’t tell you how many stories I have heard about bad experiences on all manner of sites – particularly Tinder. But why are we surprised when a fleeting glance leads to a meeting of someone we know nothing about? Surely that is just asking for trouble?

Then of course we have the over use of our phones for social media in general and none of us know how this is going to effect the generations to come. According to some recent research the average British holiday maker will spend more time on social media than talking to their partner. How bad is that? Why bother going away with anyone if you’re not going to fully engage whilst you’re with them? What about meeting new people and learning about the culture of the place you’re in?

When asked why they post so much on social media while on holiday, 40 per cent of adults said it’s just because they like to let people know what they’re up to while one in seven confessed that it is purely to boast.

But the bragging begins before they’ve even got on the plane, as 41 per cent admit to broadcasting their holiday as soon as they book it.

No wonder there are retreats popping up all over the place which are “mobile fee zones”. Our poor little brains.


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