This is a very random blog post and the bit about smashing iPads is at the bottom, if that’s the only bit you’re interested in. The rest is on sticky back plastic and toothbrushes, so I would just scroll down if I were you.

YAY I have been doing a little sort out and I CAN THROW AWAY MY ROLLS OF STICKY BACK PLASTIC! How exciting is that?? No more tears from my children because I’ve created bloody air bubbles all over the front of the exercise books and they will be the laughing stock of the school. Although in the midst of my delight yesterday I was informed that this extremely traumatic parenting role has become redundant as students are given books that have already been covered now? HOW IS THAT FAIR? Although I guess my mother said the same about sew on name tags. I can also throw away my “hole re-inforcers,” because they are most definitely redundant now that paper is hardly ever used, although I have to say that an alternative version of these for the over 50’s might come in handy one of these days.

I have also got rid of all the excess toothbrushes I seem to acquire on a monthly basis. I really don’t understand this phenomenon in my house. There are only three of us currently living in the house permanently, so where do they all come from? I reduced them down to three last weekend and they’ve already sneaked back up to five. It’s like they multiply overnight when we’re all asleep.

Anyway, I’m wondering if, now that I’m not spending so much time on sticky back plastic I will have more time to blog again about stuff. For example, I would like to make a comment about parenting. Have you ever or would you ever smash your children’s iPads in front of them to make a point? No. Me neither. I am honestly wondering how this would ever be considered a good form of parenting. Remove them yes, limit them yes, take them back to the shop for a refund yes, hide them yes, but violently smash them? Definitely no.

I mean, I’m not especially judging Kirsty Allsopp for not only doing it, but confessing to it on live TV as well – it’s up to her how she manages her parenting skills and what messages the children will glean from this BUT the other thing I’m struggling with is why she would delete her Twitter account. Of course she was going to get some people who disagreed with her behaviour. Deleting your Twitter account to me is the same as sitting on the stage and refusing to answer questions by unplugging the mike. It doesn’t make sense. Anybody who is horribly rude should be banned from Twitter if she’s getting seriously nasty trolling, but otherwise I think she needs to stand firm and hold steady, otherwise it just looks like she’s sticking her fingers in her ears and shouting “LA LA LA” at everyone. Anyway, I guess apart from the violence, it’s a cost issue. Lots of people can’t afford iPads, let alone two. Let alone breaking both of them. Sigh.


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