I’ve just found a favourite new place. We were invited to a soft opening of the new Back Room Wine Bar and I met my son there, because now that he has moved out, it’s good to meet in town. The Back Room Wine Bar is very close to where he works near Finsbury Circus and I met him there after I’d finished work not far away.

On a board outside, the bar was described as The Kitty Hawk’s “dirty little secret” – a lovely, high-ceilinged, but intimate and relaxed space with a very sociable approach to drinking wine. The wine list changes weekly, with an interesting mix of old and new-world wines, but they also offer wine on tap – where you have to pay for it via an honesty bar when you’re ready. How cool is that? This photo is a bit dark, but gives you the general idea of convivial ambiance and the great lighting:-

Anyway, we were lucky enough not only to meet the “wine guy” responsible for the venue – Adam Elsden, but also Jean-Christophe Boucton who is part of the Jean Boucton champagne family. So interesting to hear his story about the privately owned family managed House and to get swept up in the passion and tradition he exuded. Even got to try some of his champagne which was a real treat.

We were meant to be out for an hour or two, but of course it turned into a lovely long night, meeting new friends. In this photo what a privilege to have Monsieur Boucton himself pour us some of his champagne – wish I had my own champagne:-

Here he is avec mon fils (French just comes upon you when you meet a man from a champagne domain):-


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