We stayed here during our Mother/Daughter long weekend excursion. Great location – right between Madison and Park on 30th Street (address is 30 30th street hence the name) so it was easy to get onto Fifth street and up to the shops or jump in a cab to anywhere you want.

Be warned though, the hotel claim to be a budget hotel but they weren’t. We booked because the rate we got online was $220 per night, so still expensive, but cheaper than most others we looked into. However, when they gave me my bill yesterday for a five night stay it was way more than that. i only had their cheap rate for one of the nights – some nights I was charged $380 – they said it was very common to charge different rates every night and it depended on how popular they were. I had never heard that before and I think it’s unfair.

In addition the staff were pretty surly – I imagine that this was probably due to the amount of construction work they had to put up with everyday. The entire lobby was swathed in sheeting and dust and noise. Luckily on the 12th floor in our tiny but comfortable room we couldn’t hear it but I did tell them that they should pre-warn their guests. The computers didn’t work downstairs even if there had been anywhere to sit and they charged $14 a day for wifi in the rooms.

The manager did agree to take my wifi charge off but said that he was surprised I wasn’t aware of the building work they were doing as it had been going on for a year – not sure how I would have known – don’t think it’s mentioned on the website and it certainly wasn’t mentioned on the phone when we booked.

Oh and one more thing whilst I”m on a rant – slight design fault in our bathroom. You couldn’t lean over the sink to wash your face or clean your teeth because there was a shelf in the way:-

Oh yes and there were no mirrors in our room either. At all. Apart from the teeny bathroom one which was a little traumatic for my daughter but a huge relief for me (until we got downstairs and actually looked in the mirror and then we had the opposite effect).

We generally walked from there up to Saks/Central Park etc but be warned – whilst we loved it most locals were shocked that we chose to walk so far. The walk takes you up 5th Avenue past The Empire State Building, The Rockerfeller Centre, Central library, St Patrick’s Cathedral and lots of fabulous shops, but it will take you at least half an hour of fast walking so up to you.

pps; My friend had to ask them to get rid of the 3 very large cockroaches in her room.


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