I have been sent some tights to review from a tights website called www.tightsplease.co.uk. Lovely new patterned new season trendy tights – suspender looking ones, spotty ones, ones with houses and butterflies on. “I fancy the spotty tights” I said as we fought over them….”you can’t wear those! They’re completely inappropriate for your age” she told me and then proceeded to try and swipe the suspender tights. SUSPENDER TIGHTS? At 15? I don’t think so. But then again, I certainly couldn’t wear those either. The only ones she think I could get away with are black woolly ones with roses on. She’s probably right, but I might try them ALL on anyway…maybe at the same time.

She stole them all and took photos of her wearing them with her friend.

Here are her efforts. She has now thrown down the gauntlet. I’m going to have to have a go too (when I’m feeling brave enough):-

See what I mean?

House tights:-

As worn by Agyness Deyn


Butterfly tights:-

Well. Can’t really compete with those pins can I? BUT I”M GOING TO TRY MY BEST.





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