OK so I’m going to have to embrace this really old state of being that I’ve found myself in (“well what’s the alternative” says my mother in a way I don’t really understand) and try and look at things a bit more positively. I’m still on such a high after all my wonderful birthday celebrations that I thought I’d stick with the programme and get a little ball rolling of positive things to do to celebrate your 50th birthday (apart from eat cake, drink champagne and have parties). It can be a very traumatic time which understandably should be ignored – but even better to hurl yourself at the problem and ensure you are surrounded by family, friends and alcohol for at least two weeks either side of your due date. Planning lovely trips even if you can’t afford it and don’t manage to go helps too. There are millions of places in the world I want to see and I’d love to do them all as soon as possible – but oh well, you can but dream.

So instead I was thinking about what sort of things we want when we reach the ripe old age of a half century – fun? Adventure? Sun? New experiences? Thrills? Calm? Personally I’d quite like to achieve all of the above, but not in one go. There are obviously different destinations for each state of being. It depends who you are going with and where you are in your life. I’d love to hear from those of you who did something magnificent for your significant birthday and why….

In the meantime, here is my dream list – starting with of course Hong Kong because that is where I actually did go for my 50th! I’m keeping it to three so far in case anybody else has some good ideas (well actually because I’ve got to go out now, but I’ll be back to add some more soon!).


Best city ever, offers a real mixture of country and urban, mad and calm, old and new. See all my blog posts below this one. Would have loved to have got to China if I’d had more time and walked the great wall….walking/trekking holidays are good at our age I believe??

HK boat


Very happy to stay at home and celebrate with family and friends in one of the best cities in the world.


Just because it’s so remote and beautiful and difficult to get to….and just look at these stunning photos:-

bhutan snow capped

Drukgyel Dzong (8)


Bhutan paddy fields

bhutan night





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