It is University Mental Health Day today which is a bit of a joke, considering how much worse university student’s mental health is going to be by the end of the summer if many of the tutors currently on strike don’t sort out the problem. This is unbelievably damaging to our students. Students have paid for a service which is now being withheld. Academics should not be having a public row about how they share out their own savings and expect the students to pay for their arguments. It’s disgraceful behaviour.

WHAT IS GOING ON?? Since students started having to pay extortionate fees for their university education it all seems to have gone downhill. Counselling support doesn’t appear to have improved and I know of many cases personally via my children of students who have had to wait months to see a counsellor, or be expected to join a group session – which is not what most of them would want to do.


How much more concerned are they going to be if their final year exams have to be cancelled because academics are busy striking over pensions WHICH IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE STUDENTS.

I am beside myself with rage on their behalf. This has the potential for being the worst and most misunderstood industrial action at universities in modern times.

I understand the frustrations the lecturers have over changes in the retirement income – mainly thanks to the fat cat Vice Chancellors proposing the changes, but why should the students have to suffer when they are paying over £9K a year for their education? What has it got to do with them? I don’t blame them for demanding refunds to compensate for missed lectures as students will claim they have been defrauded, now that they have become consumers. Overseas students will feel even more aggrieved. For the sake of over 500,000 students the UCU and the universities need to sit down and TALK ABOUT IT AND NEGOTIATE AN ACCEPTABLE COMPROMISE. WHY GO ON STRIKE? WHAT IS THAT GOING TO ACHIEVE?

I know it’s a shock to find the pension pot is not as large as they thought it would be and it’s only human to want to take a stance against this. The very same arguments have been going on in thousands of businesses for many years. I understand and totally value the worth of the lecturers and believe they should be paid more – perhaps all this money universities are currently receiving from the students could be used?

But, honestly for the sake of the students on University Mental Health Day – sort it out guys.

  1. Elder son very stressed as he is in final months of very tough Engineering degree and the staff at York are on strike. This witholding of teaching and feedback probably resulting in lesser degree will likely lead to worse outcomes affecting his entire adult life. C XX

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