There’s a new study out linking the number of partners an adult has to their mother’s romantic history and The Times has titled the findings “Unlucky in love? It’s all your mother’s fault.” Apparently if you can’t hold down a steady relationship, maybe it’s time to blame your mother if you haven’t already – because for every additional relationship a mother had, the number of partners that her children had increased by an average of 6%.

The research quotes Dr Kamp Dush as saying “It could be that mothers who have more partners don’t have great relationship skills, or don’t deal with conflict well, or have mental health problems, each of which can undermine relationships and lead to instability.”


Or maybe it could be that mothers who have more partners have perfectly good relationship skills, they just don’t want to settle, or have to deal with conflict when they don’t need to. Maybe women are simply deciding that staying in the wrong relationship is not worth all the effort and they are choosing to spend more time on their own? “MENTALLY UNSTABLE????” Are you kidding me?

I’m quite surprised that this was the conclusion of the findings, based on the fact that the data of 7K people was studied over 24 years – where of course we have seen an increase in separation and divorce over time, for lots of different reasons. Surely this is partly due to the fact that women are choosing to remain independent for longer?

So in fact should we blame our mothers for this or thank them I wonder?


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