What a week it’s been of highs and lows. So sorry to see England leave the World Cup, but what a great job they did and I love how it put a spring in our collective step. Not so after the game with Croatia obviously – my daughter was at Hyde Park where she said it went from the biggest, beer covered, fun filled party ever to a scene from a Zombie movie. But thank you boys and especially to Gareth Southgate, the kindest man in football who has been a role model to do us proud. No surprise that waistcoat sales have gone up 5000% in Marks and Spencers – it made him look statesman-like and that he meant business, which I’m sure was important for the team. ¬†GOOD LUCK FOR SATURDAY – coming third or fourth is still truly impressive.

On the Saturday we beat Sweden it was my youngest child’s 18th birthday and therefore he had the best day ever – brunch with the fam, football with the bro and sis, dinner with the wider fam – we all went together – his father and me together with him and lots of his friends which made it a great night for him. Then on to a darts place which was really fun called The Flight Club and then I went home whilst he went on to a house party with his mates till the early hours. Spectacularly successful for him (apart from someone stealing all his birthday cash out of his wallet at the house party – who would do that??).

Here he is in the morning with his themed wrapping paper, living the soon to be shattered dream:-

The rest of the week has been hugely busy and we’ve got people staying too so I haven’t had any time to blog! Also I’m going in to hospital today for an operation, which I’m feeling really nervous about – so thought I’d better do a quick post in case I don’t come round from the anaesthetic! (Drama Queen? Moi?)….

Back soon I hope!


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