It seems that the “safari” look is the height of fashion this autumn – which has made things easy for me in terms of kitting myself out for my impending safari trip. Although it seems my brother is buying proper kit – with vents and pockets and insect repellant already in there and probably other secret snake warning lights and stuff I don’t know about, whereas I am hoping my new Top Shop fashion shirt will suffice.

It’s animal print heaven in the shops at the moment – especially Zara:-

Although i’m not sure it’s appropriate to turn up in leopard and cheetah print – bit rude towards the leopards and that along with my brother’s snoring might mean we will be a target in our tents for night time visits from angry cats with placards.

I have received a list of everything Brother No. 2 is taking with him. He did quite clearly state that he has never made a list in his life and that it is for the benefit of Brother No. 3 who is working too hard to think about anything at this stage so needed some guidance. But still. I’m impressed. There is everything there you need and nothing spare. Unlike the list I would have made, which I will put underneath his.


Long trousers – 1 pair jeans, 2 pair others
2 pairs shorts
Swimming shorts x 1
T shirts x2 or 3
Long sleeved shirts x 2 or 3
Hats – Akubra and cap
Long walking socks x2
Normal socks x 5
Small digital camera
Movie camera
PS Vita
Bite cream
Sun cream
Toothbrush / paste
Zantac / gaviscon
Credit card
Yellow fever cert
Torch & spare batteries
Insurance details

Packed in soft case
Hand luggage bag x 1


1 Pair jeans
2 other pairs long trousers – as yet undecided – need to try them on and check they still fit
1 skirt? Do I need a skirt? Can you wear with long socks? Def not so prob won’t bring a skirt
Shorts? Very bad idea with my legs and haven’t got any – and will need to get legs waxed and haven’t got time and fake tan and if so what socks? Socks with shorts is never a good look – tights? That look like I’m not wearing tights? I will boil.
Tops – how many? What sort? All need to blend in khaki colours?
Cardigan – Can I bring my leopard print one without insulting the animals?
Anything smartish?
Swimming costume – which one? Bikini?? NO WAY. Where will I be swimming? Wet suit?
T shirts? HOW MANY? Washing facilities?
Long sleeved shirts – do I own any?
Hats – don’t have any – got my father’s Acubra but too small? Will it blow off on a drive? Cap? Hat hair issues?
Socks??? Need to buy and can’t wear long so need to add more long trousers so can wear short socks. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SCORPIONS?
Pants. Many.
Tevas – what’s that??
Boots – Got Timberlands will bring. UGGS?? Can’t quite live without. Wear on plane as otherwise bag too heavy?
Other shoes – What? No heels, flip-flops for evening camp? Maybe too bare and open and will invite bites.
Sunglasses – check.
Binoculars. Got a pair of my father’s circa 1959 that will take up all weight allowance.
Small digital camera. Check
Other huge camera with huge lens? Definitely required for animal shots but weight issue?
Kindle – don’t have one. BOOKS?? Weight issue again.
Ipad – nope – should I take laptop for blogging?
PS Vita – WHAT’s THAT?
Iphone – check
Chargers/adapters – haven’t checked out plug situation?
Drugs – might leave to Dr brother who appears to have it covered.
Make-up – loads.
Money – Can’t find Kwatcha? Am I just supposed to get it there?
Earplugs – need to buy in industrial supplies as Bro No 2 snores very loudly and am now worried about sleeping in a tent with him – will his snoring attract wild animals?
Bite Cream – Can you get Lion Bite cream? Will that be sufficient? What else? Snakes? Scorpions? Leopards? Cream will not suffice.
Torch and spare batteries – nope. Will leave to boys. Was never v good with a torch. Will stay where there is light. Or follow torch bearer.
Shampoo – HE HASN’T MENTIONED SHAMPOO? Def need but what other hair products should I bring? Hair dryer? Probably not so might have to keep hat on at all times.
Passport, money, card, wallet, yellow fever certificate, tickets, – will check on day.

Packed in soft case – I DON’T HAVE A SOFT CASE…and will have to be extremely light if I want to fit anything in it at all.
Hand luggage bag – does this have a weight restriction too?

Emails have been flying back and forth about appropriate outfits to wear. My brother sent a photograph of his suggested attire and I told him that he looked like one of those dolls you could pull the boots off and add high heels to when you felt that way inclined. He has now gone and bought some Caterpillars instead.

Here he is – I’ve removed his head so that he doesn’t kill me:-

Here is my suggested new addition to wardrobe – not sure why I’m posing like that but v happy with my new Top Shop shirt:-

Although it’s going to be HOT. Will probably sweat in that. NO VENTS!!

  1. Will it be that hot? it’s not their summer is it?
    Anyway, just wanted to strongly advise you take something to relieve constipation. Last year I took tons of Dioralyte etc and because we ate mostly rice (staying clear of water and anything that had been washed in it) we ended up with quite severe constipation. Fair warning.
    Nice shirt BTW. Also like those leopard flats. May have to venture out to the shops.

  2. Kelloggsville on

    PS Vita?! Ridiculous! That’s like a whole makeup bag size. Those boots are totally Ken. Ps take a small manual torch.

  3. All the bite creams I had used before didn’t really do anything.
    I have discovered by accident that hydrocortisone cream USP 2.5%
    and antiseptic liquid bandage are the most efficient for insect bites.
    Have a safe trip.

  4. I think the solar hybrid torch with battery back-up will be very useful for your trip. Reviews can be found on Amazon.

  5. Photo of you, wrapped in bandages plus unbreathable shirt sweat rings and tripping in the dark without torch. Then and only then will I nolonger be jealous 😉

  6. Have a safe trip and say ‘thank you’ from us to your dad.

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