Despite common misconceptions, boys and girls are equivalent on most aspects of intelligence and cognitive function, sharing almost identical scores on IQ tests (Halpern 2004). There are however differences in the developmental path for certain activities. For example girls are more fluent in language than boys as pre-schoolers, but this difference disappears by the age of six (Bernstein et al 2004). Boys on the other hand score higher on measures of spatial reasoning that becomes more substantial during adolescence (Halpern 2004). I suspect this is because they practice more….

I knew there was a logical reason why men are better at scrabble…(and in my case I would have to add coding, football and accounting to that list) – scientists have established that it is not an innate difference in talent, it’s just that women are far less willing to waste their time honing a largely pointless skill.

Well of course we are! We have better things to do than analyse past games and practice anagrams. Women in scrabble competitions, practice by getting together with friends and playing the game rather than focusing on the boring bits. There is no huge agility gap, there is simply a difference in the way they choose to learn.



This of course applies to younger children too and I imagine this argument would go some way to explaining why boys are better at playing Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft and football. Whilst there are obviously exceptions to the rule – practice makes perfect and females in these areas simply decide that they have better things to do than spend hours and hours developing their skills on pointless endeavours.


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