I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy “Widows”, it sounded a little too violent. It is violent. I sat shrinking in my seat for a significant period of the film with my hands over my eyes willing the nasty bits to be over. But I have to say that overall it was worth it. It’s a film that has stayed with me and I’ve been mulling over it a lot. Daniel Kaluuya plays a subtle pyscho to perfection.

I would highly recommend you see it. Astonishing performances by an impressive cast. A huge amount of emotion is portrayed in a surprisingly effective understated way and often it’s the bits you don’t see that leap out at you and grab you by the throat. Steve McQueen has made a brilliantly empowering film, adding all the statement elements you would expect from him about the brutal corruption of American politics and the achingly sad prominence of black killings by the police. Almost the pitch perfect portrayal of modern America.

Viola Davis is brilliant, as are all the women, who have nothing in common but dead criminal husbands and a massive amount of debt and who decide to take matters into their own hands, rightly believing that the main thing they have in their favour whilst pulling of a heist is their gender; “no on will think we have the balls to pull this off” – a great quote indeed. They are all vulnerable and slowly find their strength, particularly Alice, a domestic violence victim who is brilliant.

The cinematography is beautiful, with wide sweeping angles of modern day Chicago and unexpected shots – particularly when we are not invited into the inside of a car to witness the brilliant conversation between Colin Farrell and his aide, instead we are held on the outside looking at the views. Very effective indeed.

My only complaint, despite the violence, is the really unattractive kissing that goes on in the first scene between Veronica (Viola) and her husband Harry (Liam Neeson) where they looked like they were eating each others faces. I am a little traumatised by that bit (as well as the violence throughout, but I won’t tell you about those bits). I know, it’s not a big complaint. Unnecessary even. But still. Just saying…


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