A recent study has found that apparently there are millions of women who say they feel sexier – since turning 50. Researchers who polled 1,800 women aged 50 and over found one in five now feel more attractive to the opposite sex than they did when they were younger.  54 per cent of women said they have experienced a new lease of life since turning 50.

Really?  One in five makes that 20% and out of the number in total polled that makes 360 women who said that.  That is certainly not my experience.  As a single woman in my 50’s I think it’s a very strange place to be when you’re out with friends (or even worse with your daughter) because you might as well be wearing an invisible cloak or a towel over my head.  Trying to buy a drink at the bar takes on average ten times longer than it did when I was in my 20’s (and it’s not just because I’m more impatient).  I must look like this:-


Men of my age look at women twenty years younger.  There was even an article in the paper recently about 40-50 something men who are having to resort to having the snip because they are so worried about making babies with their young partners whose biological clocks are whizzing round like in a cartoon version of time.  Well, perhaps these men would be better hooking up with menopausal women who already have their own children?  Who have heard of the Magic Roundabout and know who Bill and Ben are?  It seems quite a simple solution to me, but that is simply not the answer when it comes to basic human survival.  Survival matters as a prerequisite for reproduction and perhaps this inbuilt instinct doesn’t go away, ever, for men.  Younger women are naturally more fertile than older women, whereas older men generally have more resources than younger men and so a number of studies have shown that women prefer older men and men prefer younger women across a wide variety of human cultures (Buss 1989).  Having realised this I have decided never to go again.  The only men that are interested are octogenarians who can no longer procreate and to be honest, I’d rather stay in.  Or learn a new skill.

It also emerged in this recent study that more than one in ten (13 per cent) are more likely to approach someone on a night out now rather than wait for a man to approach them.  One in ten?? That isn’t very many is it and guaranteed if that happens men think they have pulled.

“Fifty-one per cent of women said it takes years of experience to truly master being glamorous – and 28 per cent think newer generations of females are less glam than they are”.  Again, sorry I’m struggling with this one and must have missed the boat because I have certainly not “mastered” being glamorous.

“And one in twenty reckon they get approached by suitors more often now than ever before” – ONE IN TWENTY?  That is practically nothing.  So basically I think I’d be correct in saying that means that 19 out of 20 women in their 50’s think they get approached by less suitors than ever before.

I’m with them.  It’s more likely to be that women have decided they are probably better on their own.





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