Did you go to the march yesterday? How cool was that to see hundreds of thousands of women throughout the world turning streets into a sea of pink pussy hats yesterday, sending the first major message of grassroots opposition to Trump.

Pussy Gate is still entirely feasible. “Sister marches” were seen across the globe and it was incredible to see. Of course Trump has said it’s all a lie…but that’s to be expected. Women came in their thousands to protest in cities across the world and listened to speeches from all manner of women. A gesture of resistance on Trump’s first day in office, bringing an emotional sense of solidarity and determination to what is expected to be a depressingly backwards, isolationist agenda.

It is a joy to see that in our difficult times, we can all pull together and believe that people power can make a difference. Like individual snowflakes, it is possibly to unite and create an avalanche if and when required.


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