It’s World Poetry Day on the 21st March and this year the theme is “Change”. ┬áChange can mean so many things in the English language and it can be a verb or a noun.

So on this day, I thought I’d give a poem a try:-

Be the change you wish to see?
Or take that look off your face before the wind changes.
Change your coat or your hairstyle,
Or give away all your loose change.
Change your shoes, your life, or your lover,
Or go and change this minute, you’re not going out looking like that.
Change your appearance or your path,
Change. The law. Your name. Your general direction.
Change the record, change your mind, change in the weather, change of scene.
No matter how you see the word, change is vital.
Be adaptable to change and you will survive.

I knew that would be rubbish. Off to re-write it and I’ll be back soon to change it!


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