My brother has put a video together of our pilgrimage to Zambia. The one my two brothers and I did in September to take my father’s ashes back, at his request to his spiritual home at The Victoria Falls. The one in which we defied death at The Devil’s Pool in the process. He’s called it “Three Little FUs go to Zambia” – it was my father’s affectionate term for the three of us – the three little F*ck Ups…..

In my new capacity as Social Media Director, I feel the need to share it with you because this is what social media is all about – simply a form of media presented by real people and frankly you can see why this is the way forward, because, it may not be the most airbrushed and glossy video footage you’ve ever seen, but it’s real and a fantastic summary of our trip. We look a bit fat from time to time and there are some overly excited moments by me in a small plane and some unintentional product placement for Gordons gin and some excerpts where we were very spoilt by the staff but on the whole it gives a good summary of all that we did and saw….and we’d go back in flash.

The elephant that broke into my loo, the kayaking on the Chongwe River, The Zambezi fishing for Tiger Fish, the Victoria Falls where we left our father’s ashes, the lions – a little gory at times as they had a buffalo kill (and note the pride at the end, locally known as “The Gay Pride” because of a genetic mutation that has sadly meant they do not have full-on manes and consequently aren’t the pick of the bunch with the girls – I read the other day that Africa’s lions are disappearing at an alarming rate, owing to the degradation of their grassy woodland habitat. Researchers from Duke University in North Carolina have calculated that Africa’s savannah has shrunk by 75% over the last 50 years and that the lion population has declined from 100,000 animals in 1960 to fewer than 35,000 today. Lead researcher Professor Stuart Pimm estimates that there are less than 500 lions remaining in West Africa.

  1. Oh wow wow wow wow lulu!! Made me very homesick for Zambia and the falls and the sounds. I did laugh noticing how very quiet you were when the lion walked past…. Heh he….! What an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing… Xxx j

  2. Sally Mareike on

    Wow, that was fantastic!! It reminded me of my childhood in Zimbabwe and makes me want to go back to Africa with my family…kids and siblings. Thank you for sharing, I loved the reminders. :o)


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