I have always been a fan of Zippo lighters from back in the day when I lived in Hong Kong and we needed a functional lighter to use on windy days whilst out on boats.  With a legacy of over 85 years, famous worldwide for its windproof lighters, the iconic American brand Zippo sent me over a few items to review, which immediately got commandeered by my children.  The hand warmer proved to be a perfect addition when my son and his girlfriend were working on a vineyard recently picking grapes and the heat lasts for up to 12 hours.

Not that I’m encouraging smoking, but we wanted to get a photo of the lighter in action. Could have gone for lighting a candle of course:-

They sent me over a wallet to review as well, which my boys have got their eye on…very cool:-

Other products online www.zippo.co.uk include windproof lighters, hand warmers, clothing accessories and leather goods. Thank you Zippo for sending us over the products to review – having looked online, there are now some very cool patterns to choose from with the lighters.


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